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Mobile Generators

Gives you power where you need it, when you need it. Provides up to 7kW (12kW surge). Incorporates industry-leading technology in all critical power generation and energy storage components.  Easy to use. Low, low maintenance.


Dependable. Silent. Odorless. Safe.

 Mobile Light Towers

Delivers 24,600 lumens of clear light in an LED array atop an easily adjustable 21 foot mast.   Can be set to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn or manually controlled.  Efficient, cool LED lights illuminate immediately. 


Dependable. Silent. Odorless. Safe.

GreenSky Mobile Power & Light sells and leases mobile, towable solar powered generators and light towers to businesses, government agencies, universities, utilities, and other organizations as a clean, noiseless, reliable, effective, and price-competitive alternative to equipment that is powered by gas and diesel fuel.

All products proudly made and sourced in the USA.

...a Mobile Solar authorized dealer        

Solar Powered Mobile Generators and Light Towers

Portable Power Packs

Provides a great solution to smaller power needs on the job site, at home, in remote locations, or at an outdoor event.  Compact units will run  small kitchen appliances and standard household electronics. Provides up to 3.5kW (6kW surge).


Dependable. Silent. Odorless. Safe.