Tax Incentives


There are several Federal and State tax incentives related to the purchase of our products. A variety of incentives and credits may be available to you.  CONSULT YOUR TAX ATTORNEY OR FINANCIAL ADVISOR TO SEE IF YOU QUALIFY.


The US Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Program has a database (DSIRE Solar) that provides solar-specific policy information to consumers, policy makers, businesses, utilities, researchers and other stakeholders.  DSIRE Solar provides comprehensive information on Federal, State, and local incentives and policies that promote solar energy.

To view the Federal tax incentives, please visit Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit, for homeowners, and the Business Energy Investment Tax Credit, for businesses.  Both of these tax credits are for 30% of the total system cost (less the cost of the trailer – if applicable).


State incentives may vary from state to state.  Please click the state-by-state directory to view up-to-date State incentives.

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